Buisness Accounts

Open A Business Account Today

Are you a regular baker? Do you have a cake making business, whatever the size? Would you benefit from our business account scheme?

Our business accounts offer:

  • Cheaper Prices on Thousands of Products

  • No Expiring Rewards

  • Access to Exclusive Offers

  • No Set Up Fee

  • Low Minimum Spends

How do I get One?

Anyone can apply for our accounts. They are open to hobby bakers, large scale cake making businesses, cake shops and everyone in between. Simply follow the steps below and you will be saving money on your cake decorating equipment and supplies in no time!

  • Fill out the simple form at the bottom and click submit

  • If you already have an online account with us we will upgrade it to a Level 1 account.

  • Please allow 24 working hours for it to be set up. 

  • If you do not have an account we will set one up for you and send you login details.

  • Come back to the website, click SIGN IN at the top of the page and start shopping.

How Does it Work?

When you sign up you’ll be given one of our Level 1 accounts:

Level 1

6 Month Spend = £200

What do you get

  • First Level of Discounts
  • Low Annual Spend Required
  • No Minimum Order Value
  • Access to Exclusive Offers & Discounts a week before general offer 

If you’re spending £500 or more in a 6 month period, we’ll upgrade to one of our Level 2 accounts:

Level 2

6 month spend = £500

What do you get

  • Increased Level of Discounts
  • Achievable Annual Spend
  • No Minimum Order Value
  • Access to Exclusive Offers & Discounts a week before general offer 
  • Pre order new products a week before general offer 

    Terms and Conditions?

    1: In order to maintain any level of account, there must be a minimum amount of spending activity over a 6 month period (£200 – Level 1, £500 – Level 2). Spending is calculated by including every transaction made within the allotted time period.

    2: Failure to hit spend targets will result in accounts being downgraded to a standard retail level account. If you have been downgraded you will not be eligible to be upgraded again within the following 6 month period. 

    3: Level 2 accounts are achieved after an active 6 month period on a Level 1 account in which a £500+ spend was exceeded.

    4: Account users must ensure that they are logged into the website or have notified shop staff prior to the transaction being started. Orders placed on standard retail prices cannot be adjusted to account prices after the sale has been completed.

    5: Fyne Cake Supplies reserves the right to alter prices on accounts or remove accounts completely without any prior notice.