How much Icing / Marzipan do i need to cover a Cake?

The following information is for general guidance only

Each manufacturer of sugarpaste and marzipan offers slightly different advice of how much you need to cover your cakes.

Some brands, like Massa Ticino advertise that their sugarpaste can be rolled very thinly, so you use less to cover a cake compared to some other brands. Make sure you factor in when purchasing fondant that you take into consideration extra decoration, the odd mistake mis-hap or repair, we fell it is always better to have a little extra than to run out before you have finished your cake.  

So, we have come up with an average figure for each size cake.

Use this table for guidance for round cakes

Diameter Fondant Marzipan
6″ 500g 650g
7″ 750g 900g
8″ 900g 1.1kg
9″ 1kg 1.25kg
10″ 1.25kg 1.5kg
11″ 1.5kg 2kg
12″ 1.85kg 2.5kg
13″ 2.25kg 2.8kg
14″ 2.75kg 3.5kg

Use this table for guidance for square cakes

Size Fondant Marzipan
6″ 500g 650g
7″ 750g 1kg
8″ 1kg
9″ 1kg 1.25kg
10″ 1.5kg 1.75kg
11″ 1.75kg 2kg
12″ 2kg 2.5kg
13″ 2.5kg 3kg
14″ 3kg 3.75g

We stock a range of fondants in both different sizes and colour. Pack sizes range from 250g to 2.5kg. 

If you need any more advice and tips then check out our advice page

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